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Belly Dance - Music - Feel the Passion!

 Belly Dance Class & Middle Eastern Drumming Classes held the last week of the month

in Sonoma County

Private Lessons - Small Group Classes by appointment

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Belly Dance Fitness™ Classes are 1 1/2 hours long and include pilates style strengthening and yoga stretching, as well as a more demanding warmup.  Belly Dance Fitnesstm is great for small groups of like minded dancers but am inviting dancers to contact me if interested in forming a class in this style of training.  Belly Dance Fitness™ Class is geared for new to the art dancers, beginning level dancers, and as a review for intermediate dancers.  Advanced dancers are welcome and will find it a great tune up of their basic technique and skill. Classes start with a pre warm-up.  Followed by a more vigorous ten minute warm up. Curriculum includes body isolations, basic moving/dance steps, choreography, hip work and shimmees, arms and hand work, zyls, veils, rhythm!  Lots of Dance Drills. Having a class for over an hour allows ample time for zyls, veils, hipwork, isolations, and combinations for choreography every week.  Classes conclude with upper body strengthening, pilates styled conditioning, and stretching to increase flexibility.

If you think you would be interested in this more intense format let me know. 

Belly Dance FITNESS!™   elcru75@gmail.com 

Private Belly Dance Lessons are available by appointment.  This is a great resource if you are preparing for a recital or performance, wanting to catch up on technique or have a specific area you want feedback on or want to improve in.